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If you are looking for a good professional photographer to take your business and or private portrait, then welcome to my photography website and thank you for taking the time to have a look, I really appreciate it!


Let me briefly tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve been a professional photographer going on 8 years now. Before that I was in the corporate world doing sales. I’m a creative lateral thinker by nature. I love to learn new things and meet new people. I am a visual person and photography is a great way for me to show this. I really enjoy the corporate setting and love making people look their best!


I’ve had the privilege of being in the presence of and photographing well known business and political people in South Africa. It all started when I decided to approach a local mining magazine instead of all the glamour magazines as I was a newbie at the time and felt it wiser to take the road less travelled. To be honest, I have enjoyed it very much and got to meet some really powerful and influential people. For a while I did many of their front covers and feature articles, which really uplifted the look and feel of the magazine. Since then I have done many corporate shoots.


Why choose Dorian for your corporate photography?


I am here to make YOU or YOUR organization look professional!


I take a personal interest in all my clients and subjects…I take on their brand!


I understand how intimidating it is to have your portrait done and I’m here to reassure you and to help you get the images you are comfortable with


I believe that today more than ever, personal branding and a good personal or company image is very important for you to succeed and stand out. Everything is online now so whether you are an individual or corporate executive or team, it’s important to put yourself out there in the best way. I see the immense value in this and I want you to look your best!


I am very comfortable in the corporate environment and therefore project that onto my subjects. I appreciate how important good business leadership is and the vital role executives and their teams play on the global scene.


No matter how small your company is, its important to have an online presence that gives you a fighting chance, sets you apart and shows off your best side. Even I need to have a decent portrait of myself so that you can SEE who Dorian is. It adds more credibility and we feel a little better seeing the face behind the name. People like dealing with people! I know how important this principle is for EVERY business to succeed!


Let the world see who you are and what you do…build your personal image brand TODAY!!!



Does this resonate with you or your organization? If you have any questions or queries fill in the form on the “Contact Us” page, I will be gladly assist you.


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Have a great day!




Dorian Chandler